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The last few weeks have changed our world in such a profound way. Dating circumstances are among those things that have taken the most substantial. We all know that socializing is what drives human life. Singles are finding it hard to go through the moment. However, all is not lost.

Enters virtual dating. With this, you can communicate with your date via video calling. However, you still need to arm yourself with useful tips that will ensure you don’t lose your date. Here we go:

Put in some effort

First impressions still count even if you are dating via video call. You may not need to take a bath to smell sweet over the video. However, put on something representable, such as that cute shirt that will confidently speak out your personality.

Next, ensure the scenery behind you co-operates effectively. Any balled-up socks or pizza boxes should not greet your screen, and any crooked cushion should be straightened.

Avoid monologues

Face to face communications allows us to chip in with something as the conversations sails on. While online dating may lack that privilege, you still need to avoid monologues. Dating is about you two getting to know each other. If you end up giving a state of the union address, that will not be dating.

You may ask a few questions and let the other person answer back. Then allow them to do the same and answer back to satisfy their queries. Now, if they keep on firing out questions to you, simply ask something like, “What about you?” if they keep going on, then say something like, “Well, I find that too…” or “In my experience.”

Listen actively

In this current fast-paced world, attention is a precious commodity. Giving something complete attention is not our usual thing. However, you need to resist the temptation of perusing social media, checking messages, or doing anything that will steal the moment. Your full attention is the best thing that someone can get from you. Therefore, selflessly give yourself to the moment to establish a real connection.

Maintain positivity

Yes, a global pandemic or economic meltdown is here with us. However, don’t let such depressing talks take a considerable portion of video dating. It is natural to talk about it, but then quickly switch gears to a more exciting subject. As we said, the video dating about you two getting to know each other. The aim is to see if you two click well enough to take things offline- that is, after the COVID-19 probably.

What is the theme?

As far as your creativity can take you, make virtual dating as enjoyable as possible? How about “meeting” for a glass of wine or coffee? Do you know how to pull out a 1980s’ night theme? Pump in some fun. Bake some cakes, cook a meal together, or dance along to some music. Do all it takes to make a date lively. Just remember to stay clear of a COVID-19 theme or something else that may turn off your date.


While we continue to stay safe by exercising social distance and other practices, don’t let the current situation get in the way of your social life. You can now use these tips to date that special someone via virtual dating.