Great Dating Tips for Men

Posted by: cityxguidepro

She has finally decided to meet you. What a joy! However, questions are immediately take over your mind- what will I wear? Where will I take her? What should I say? With so many questions clouding your head, it is difficult to focus on actually getting to know the girl. However, all you need to do is observe five simple tips that will earn you more dates with that girl that makes you willing to take a bullet for her.

Those first impressions matter a lot

While you should avoid pretending to be someone you are not, a girl will take mental note of your first appearance. You don’t need to wear a full tuxedo. At the same time, ripped jeans may not earn you a second meeting with the girl of your dream. Shaving, taking a shower, and wearing something suitable will get you off to a great start.

Plan to meet in a comfortable place

Dating comes with those nervous and anxious feelings, not forgetting the thoughts about what might go wrong. The place where you are going to meet the girl matters a lot. She wants to feel secure while getting to know you more without disruptions and fear.

Are you planning to meet her in a dark and filthy alley or thick forest? Quickly ditch that idea. Do you want to show off your date to your buddies at that Saturday night pub? It won’t work, especially if it is the first time you two are meeting.

Plan to meet her somewhere familiar yet romantic, like a restaurant, botanical garden, a cool bar, or take her to a nature walk.

Be confident

Girls like confident and enthusiastic men that can protect them and make decisions. Are you a shy person? Don’t worry, as you can practice talking with strangers at your shopping center in advance. Alternatively, you can pick an enthusiastic topic and talk about it during the date. Just remember to make sure the girl loves the subject too. She will read your passion and confidence as you talk.

Maintain fun in the conversation

As you speak with her, maintain a light-hearted conversation. An in-depth discussion about your life or situations won’t work well during your first date. Do you hate your job? Did your parents abandon you when you were very young? Keep those issues to yourself- at least for now. The worst turn-off is speaking about how your ex broke your heart.

Instead of focusing on yourself, try to find out more about her. Try finding out what interests her, and encourage her to speak. Ask her simple questions like their favorite food, hobbies, and dislikes. It will show that you have an interest in knowing her more.

Be attentive

It is useless to ask her those small questions, then pick up your phone and start browsing through your Twitter account. A phone that rings now and again is even worse. Nothing pisses girls off than the guy not listening to them talking. It shows a lack of interest in the date.

Therefore, switch off or mute your phone and give the moment your full attention. As she speaks, encourage her by dotting the conversation with creative jokes, genuine smiles.


There is no need to complicate your dating experience. Dating is meant to provide people a chance to get to know each other. Instead of trying to mimic someone else that you are not, follow these tips, and you will soon win the girl of your dream to your side.