Remember the first time you met? Did you use cityxguide or another popular app like tinder? Do you remember the great feeling of love brought you together, and you how you never wanted to spend time away from your passion. However, as life got in the way and familiarity cropped in, the relationship grew cold and fireless. You might be envying that next-door couple that seems to do just fine. However, before you give up, we are here to tell you that you can re-ignite that love. Here is how:

Show your partner gratitude

Gratitude can restore that long-lost happiness and energy in your relationship. What do you admire, appreciate, or cherish in the union? It is so great to think about those feelings. However, you need to let your partner know how you understand them.

You don’t have to break the bank and take them to Hawaii Island. It may be a simple “thank you” after they have prepared your favorite meal for you. You can also tell them how much you love their smile. You will be amazed at how that simple act will brighten their day.

Set aside time together

Setting aside time to bond with each other can fire up your romance. You may decide to go out with just the two of you every Sunday evening and enjoy a right moment. Stealing some time away from your children, life activities, usual work or home environment, and other things work wonders. During the meetings, you may reminisce the time you first knew each other, your common goals as a family, and what makes your partner stand out. You can also take part in small games and activities such as picnics. Can you hire a band to play your favorite music? It will work wonders.


Communicating with your partner is something you need to do always. Ask them what they desire from the relationship and give them an attentive ear. Make it a habit of letting your partner know about anything. How did the bread test that morning? How was your day? What are you going through as an individual? Speak them out.

For example, if you are a man, you may think that working hard and late at the job may be profitable for your family. However, your wife may feel neglected and suspicious when you always come home past midnight and remain quiet throughout the meal.

Clear communication will iron out any doubts. You may also agree on how you can start spending more time with her. Therefore, communication is an excellent way of building strong bonds and understanding each other.

Reconnect in the sheets

The amount of sex varies from one couple to another. However, we can’t avoid the fact that sex- any of it- will spark off that long-lost magic in your relationship. Always communicate how you want it served to make sure you are both satisfied.

When two people grow cold to each other, lack of sex is among the most notorious reasons behind such coldness within a relationship. Cultivating sexual chemistry and having more of it will spice up things in a way you never imagined. Does any of you have psychological trauma related to sex? Do you feel that you can’t perform due to biological issues? Both of you may consider visiting relationships and other suitable experts to make things right.


Do you desire back that fire that used to bring joy and love in your relationship? Before calling it quits, you need to work on your relationship. There are many ways of restoring romance to your love life. Topping the list include clear communication, sexual reconnection, spending time together, and gratitude. Implement these, and you will thank us later.